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The first step in B2B Online Stores

The digital transformation has completely changed the way companies work, and electronic commerce is a powerful tool for the success of any company. With the growing trend of B2B (business-to-business) online stores, not having an e-commerce platform can be detrimental to your professional success. The benefits of having a B2B online store for companies today are undeniable, and Spain leads B2B electronic commerce in Europe.
This article is the key to take the first step. If you are an entrepreneur or manage a company, are you ready?

What does a B2B store allow?

Having an online store allows businesses to process customer orders quickly and efficiently. This increases sales and customer satisfaction, while lowering the cost of doing business. Companies can also reach new markets, expanding their customer base globally. In addition, companies can better manage their inventory and reduce operating costs. With an effective system, companies can keep customer data up to date, thus providing accurate information about sales and corresponding customer service.

Another important advantage is that a company can create a customer segment. For example, you can create different customer groups, each of which will have a different pricing and discount structure. With customer segmentation, companies can target specific types of customers and increase their loyalty. In addition, companies can personalize their customer service and present offers tailored to their preferences.

The data-based information offered by an online store is invaluable in helping to make the necessary adjustments to a company's strategies. Companies can use this data to optimize their business operations and identify growth opportunities. Additionally, companies can use this data to improve customer service, increase customer loyalty, and generate more revenue.

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And how is the situation of B2B stores in Spain?

In Spain, the percentage of B2B transactions carried out through e-commerce increased from 21% in 2019 to 37% in 2020. This growth rate is significantly higher compared to other European countries, and shows that Spain is at the forefront of the adoption of e-commerce. Some of the key reasons for this growth can be attributed to the increased security, transparency, and cost savings that e-commerce offers.

Although B2B online commerce has been slow to take off compared to the rest of the world, with the right tools and strategies, B2B e-commerce has helped businesses become more efficient, while providing real-time services that potentially they increase their market share, which has been perceived by other Spanish companies as a great opportunity to improve their business.

Having an e-commerce platform is now essential to running a business.

What advantages does it provide?

A B2B eCommerce store also increases customer engagement. Customers can easily access the products from the comfort of their home and even contact the supplier for more information or additional services. This helps build and maintain customer loyalty and promote brand awareness, which ultimately translates into better sales for the company.

Another advantage is cost savings. Automating processes and using digital tools can help reduce overhead costs associated with traditional B2B operations, such as store staffing and warehousing and delivery costs. Furthermore, these digital tools can significantly improve the efficiency of various business operations.

Por último, el comercio electrónico B2B es más seguro que las transacciones B2B tradicionales. La seguridad es primordial en las operaciones digitales, y una plataforma de comercio electrónico fiable y segura puede proteger a clientes y proveedores de actividades fraudulentas. Con herramientas como el cifrado de datos y la autenticación de dos factores, las empresas pueden garantizar que sus clientes permanezcan a salvo y que su información se almacene de forma segura.

Why implement B2B store?

The implementation of an online B2B store (electronic commerce) brings many key advantages to companies. By optimizing processes and leveraging digital tools, companies can save costs, increase customer engagement, and above all, reach a much larger and more diverse audience.

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