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1. Home Page

The home page is generated by using a visual CMS (Page Builder with Drag&Drop functions) where the user, without help from the IT department, can:

• Create a Hero Banner
• Create sliders
• Add product recommendations
• Create unique marketing content
• Update campaigns
• Add offers

home page
2. Category Page

Open any category that appears in the menu and interact with the main functions:

• Filter and sort
• Download current products in CSV format
• Personalized prices according to the client's contract
• Stock traffic light
•Quick add to cart (with item selection)
• Variants instant visualizations

plp category page
3. Product Page

Open any product and review the advanced features that B2BStore offers, in particular:

• Custom prices
• PST and discount
• Stock traffic light
• Filter items (SKU)
• Add to Favorites
• Image gallery

4. Shopping cart

Add any item to the basket and check the possibility of:

• Edit the cart
• Use the quick order form and fill the cart from a CSV
• Save the cart with a unique name
• Calculate shipping costs
• Apply a coupon code
• Customize the cart (adding logo, header and updating prices) and print it in PDF for your customers

5. Checkout

Start the purchase process and review the features offered such as:

• Add shipping address
• Select the shipment
• Use a read-only billing address (defined in the ERP)
• Fill in custom fields such as comments and external order number
• Pay with cash or credit card
• Finalize an order

6. Order & CSR

Open the personal menu and access the order history. Review the following features:

• Open order history
• Review the details of an order
• Review current status
• Open a ticket
• Reorder an existing order
• Search for an existing order

7. e-Learning

Moodle (el principal LMS de código abierto) está totalmente integrado. Abre el menú personal y selecciona el “Aprendizaje”:

• Review the list of existing courses
• Review current courses
• Start a course
• Open a course and check your progress
• Review the topics associated with a course
• Review the material attached to each topic

8. Miscellaneous

Review the different functions offered by B2BStore

• Request a quote
• Review existing offers listed just for you
• Review the list of multiple cars and favorites
• Add additional shipping addresses
• Review read-only billing address

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