FEaaS Magento Analysis

B2B Store Front End as a Service

FEaaS Magento Analysis

¿What is a Front-end as a Service?

It's a way to enable digital businesses to build, test, and deliver compelling customer experiences when browsing their page as quickly and easily as possible. To achieve this, it offers microservices which are front-end modules that provide specific functionality, and these modules can be combined, making front-end development time much shorter. The experiences that a client seeks for an electronic commerce will be like its speed, the improvement in the functions that can be carried out within the page or that it has a greater efficiency in the cost of its operation.

Esto es posible gracias al concepto de headless commerce, esto quiere decir que la parte visible de la página se separa de la parte lógica, por lo que se le puede dar un mayor enfoque al front-end y los beneficios derivados del mismo.

How does it work?

Front-end as a Service uses the headless commerce concept. This allows the use of different platforms for the logistics of the application, being able to assign different actions to different backend platforms. It also includes a web-based interface to be able to build and modify the user interface, libraries and integrations with other tools and services that are of great help in the development and deployment of the application.

In addition, FEaaS allows you to unify content from different sites into one and use them whenever you want, giving greater versatility in terms of the level of integration. All this allows for superior customization of your sales platform. Essential if we take into account the importance of providing flexibility in a B2B.

Why is it interesting?

Thanks to using the frontend as a service, both code and design needs can be carried out in a much shorter time. It is a perfect method for both large and small businesses that want to have a digital commerce but do not have great development skills or want a robust solution for it and simply want to launch their e-commerce in the shortest possible time with a professional finish at greater efficiency. to what it would mean to have to develop it by your own means.

It can also be a very useful resource in the field of testing, since multiple versions of a front-end can be created for experimentation in an optimal way. The Front End as a Service Magento solution is efficient. The latest ecommerce trends tend towards different modular and combinable solutions, so this solution is ideal for wide flexibility regarding your online business demands.

Why integrate Magento?

Magento is one of the most robust e-commerce platforms on the market and has the necessary features to integrate correctly with a company's ERP. By using it as one of the online store platforms, it can be perfectly adapted to the type of online store you want. This is achieved thanks to the fact that Magento is open source and has numerous configuration possibilities. Ideal for Magento B2B.

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It also has a very fast loading time, thus creating the fastest eCommerce. Magento also integrates HTML5 that maximizes the experience for users who use mobile devices, a feature that is very important for e-commerce today. Therefore, the addition of a Front End as a Magento Service is an adequate formula in your e-commerce solutions. In Orienteed we offer you à la carte ecommerce solution.

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